Troubleshooting Guide
This is not a comprehensive troubleshooting help guide. The intent of this troubleshooter is to address common causes for disconnections and slow connections specific to The Weird's chat page and radio player. If the problem is not listed within this troubleshooter then we suggest using a search engine -such as Google- to search the web for a more comprehensive troubleshooter applicable to the problems being experienced.

Using this trouble shooter is at the user's own risk. We assume the user has a basic knowledge base of their computer's operating system, software installed and hardware used.

We make no warranties or other guarantees that in using this troubleshooter it will repair the user's problem. We offer this basic trouble shooter based on the consensus of issues and their solutions, thus far encountered by some of our users. We will make every effort to aid a user in solving a connection problem that is specific to The Weird website, but we are not technical support specialists, thus support is limited. Please keep this in mind.

General Issues Addressed:
Constant Disconnects
Slow Connection
Intermittent Connection

Chat Page and Radio Player

If a user is experiencing issues with using the browser based chat page, or listening to the shows and music, then try the following steps. The steps are not necessarily dependant on each other, but the use of all the steps could help solve disconnection issues.

Step 1. Refresh your browser.
To refresh your browser, simply hold the Ctrl key and the F5 key simultaneously. Proceed to The Weird Chat page.

Step 2. Clear the browser cache
To clear the browser cache use the appropriate procedure for the particular browser you are using. A list of common browsers and links to their cache clearing procedure is provide below.
Warning: Clicking on any link below will open a new browser window directing you to a offsite location.
Internet Explorer
If the browser used is not listed then use Google and one of the following key words: "your browser brand + clear the cache"

Step 3. Close other open browser windows.
At times, having several open browser windows can cause a bandwidth drop, which in turn can slow the internet connection, which then can cause a disconnect. Simply close browser windows that are not needed for the duration of the chat or the web show.

Step 4. Halt all downloads
Downloading files will use a lot of bandwidth, possibly slowing down browser connections enough to where the browser loads slowly, or fails to load properly. If downloads are in progress then wait until they complete or halt the downloads.

Step 5. Reset the modem and router (generic procedure)
A internet connection (bandwidth) can drop or be slowed due to signal degradation, meaning, whatever the cause, the modem and router are no longer operating at their peak efficiency, causing connection problems.

To address this issue the modem and router need to be powered down and rebooted. This is a generic solution applicable to most modems and routers, however, always check with your ISP and router manufacturer for instuctions specific to the make and model of your equipment. Disconnect the power supply cord to each piece of equipment, wait about two minutes, then reconnect the power supply. Boot up of the equipment should occur automatically.

If all else fails and the problem persists then use the The Weird forum to post a comprehensive description of the issues involved. We might be able to help solve the issue, or we may refer the user to a offsite source that can offer more assistance.